October 2

Personal Description in Spanish


Spanish 1

The purpose for this is to see what I know and to introduce and describe myself. This assignment is related to my class because the description I am using to describe myself  is what I have learned in class over the past few weeks. I have learned many descriptive words to describe myself or someone else. If you are using a descriptive word for a female it is most likely to end in an a, if the descriptive word is used for a male then it is most likely to have an o rather than an a. We have also learned what we like to do in spanish such as eating which is comer or play sports which is jugar a los deportes.  It is important to describe yourself in spanish so that people can know what type of a person you are. If you don’t know spanish you can’t communicate with others that don’t know english or people that are your type.

Yo me gusta jugar a los deportes, mirar Netflix, comer y ir de pesca.

Yo soy curiosa, creativa, aventurera y sociable.

February 17

Caitlin.  February 1, 2016

This is my response to FFA is lame .

FFA stands for Future Farmers of America. Agriculture offers many ideas and experiences.Agriculture offers many experiences. The agriculture program and the slaughter house are two different things. The people in agriculture don’t slaughter animals. Animals are used for food they were made for food, to feed us.People in Future Farmers of America are mostly animal lovers. So, people in  agriculture would not mistreat animals. That is not what FFA is all about.  Future Farmers is America is about helping the animals and raising them for food as well as plants. People in  FFA wouldn’t mistreat them on purpose there are some people that keep them as pets there are even people spending a bunch of money for something so minor like a runny nose or something they wouldn’t throw that away by

mistreating them. People in FFA really care about the health of animals.       

Do this instead help them instead of killing them, they have a life: 


November 20

Genius Hour Blog

What topic have you chosen to research?

I have chosen to research different tricks for different dog sizes or breeds so that people don’t have to spend so much money on finding a trainer for you dog.


Why did you choose your topic?

I chose this topic because I wanted to help other people to learn different methods to train their dog just in case the first method doesn’t work or if they are not doing it right. I also chose this topic because I love working with my dogs and I like teaching them tricks.


What have you done so far?

So far I have done a little research about how to teach your dog to play dead. I have seen many videos and articles about how to teach your dog to play dead. I stopped researching I started creating a blog for all the different methods, tricks, breeds, and sizes for your dog. I have mainly completely finished the look of the blog haven’t really posted anything on it yet.